Franklin D. Roosevelt identified as descendant of Claude Herlin 


We recently found out that Jehan Herlin and his son Claude, our common ancestors, are also ancestors of the former US President F.D. Roosevelt. This link was identified by Hilda Bruns in Ostfriesland, who is not only a member of our family (Bakery line in Canum) but who is also well known within US families for her geneological research results in the area of Ostfriesland.

The following link shows, how Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Herlin family are linked:
One can find the link to the Herlyn resp. Herlin family in the middle of the page, where the Herlin names are written in red.

Our degree of relationship to Franklin D. Roosevelt is the 9th. This means that 9 generations before we have the first common ancestors, being Claude Herlin (1545-1600) and his wife Agnes de Fines. Claude Herlin is the family member that escaped from France to Germany (Bremen) after his brother Michel got beheaded in Valenciennes in 1567. Franklin D. Roosevelt goes back to Claude’s eldest son Jean, who was married to Magdalene Ketwyk, whereas we all go back to Claude’s second son Philipp, who was married to Tanneke de Pottere, Anna Staas and Anna Struyff.

Hermann Janssen and Wilmjakob Herlyn, who are continuously updating our database verified the link and the other information with our database now containing 17.000 related names in the internal part of our website. We fortunately can confirm the correctness on our side. The relevant information about Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife have meanwhile been added our database. Access is possible only via a website membership ID.